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Saying goodbye to - our previous startup

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Our founders met in Apr 2020 when Harvard Health Data Science program announced its 2020 intake. Jie texted Amber in the slack channel and initiated a conversation. A group of batch mates then met in Zoom, where Amber asked: "Would anyone be interested in starting a venture together?"

This is where the founders started collaborating with each other. We founded in Aug 2020 and got into the Harvard Innovation Lab Venture program.

Our initial idea was on educating doctors about data science in a less technical way. We were excited by the idea and started working on it. However, after speaking to at least 20 potential users, we realized that its growth would be severely impacted by the small TAM size.

After some thoughts, we decided to drop the idea and moved on to our current idea - chronic disease management! This is typical in startups: if one idea doesn't stick, move on to the next. The important thing is to keep going, but with the right people.

This brings us to the next chapter of our lives, which is a digital health app to help manage chronic conditions like diabetes through a unique combination of AI, a reward-associated nudge system, diabetic nurses, and precision nutrition. We are very excited to be working on the idea and have received great tractions for it like winning competititons and grants, achieving technical breakthroughs, building an amazing team that includes advisors who are key opinion leaders in AI, behavioral economics, and medicine. Watch out this space for learning more about

- Jie & Amber

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