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Smart Prior Authorization and 
Utilization Management

Streamlining Workflow Efficiency for Health Plans through Generative AI

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Prior Auth Decisions Automated


Clinical accuracy of automated decisions


Improvement of

Flattened Cost Curve

Our proprietary authorization engine reduces costs associated with PA and suggests pre-approved and personalized care pathways that plans may choose to offer members, ensuring both medical appropriateness and cost-effectiveness. This approach not only optimizes healthcare spending but also ensures that members receive timely care.

Admin Burden

Basys encodes plan policies and EHRs, distilling hundreds of pages of documentation into simple checklists of criteria for coverage eligibility. The algorithm eliminates unnecessary PA requests, collects missing information from providers, and highlights important criteria so that health plan admin save time reviewing requests.

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Trained with data from over 10 million member medical and claims records from Mayo Clinic and other partners, and drug insights from Eli Lilly & Co., our engine resolves prior auth with 98% accuracy. Basys developed a self-learning mechanism that continually reviews decision accuracy, improving quality of care and decision efficiency.

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Faster, Better Decisions

Our engine resolves prior auth queries in seconds, reducing average decision time by 8 days. Basys also assists health plans in providing members and providers with clear and evidence-based explanations for PA decisions by automatically outlining health plan criteria, EHRs, and relevant literature to objectively support determinations.

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Our patent-pending algorithm is trained on tens of millions of member data and millions of policy combinations.

Enterprise-Ready Prior Authorization AI Solution

No Hallucinations

Compliant by Design

Personalized, Clinically-Appropriate Decisions

Rapid Integration

Seamless Interoperability

Auto-Resolves Provider Queries

Robust Data Security

Objective Decision Explanations

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We're Building the Future of Healthcare

“We stand at the precipice of the transformation of healthcare, where processes like Prior Authorization do not have to be the roadblocks. But, we have to
work in unison.” - Amber Nigam, CEO of

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