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We help health plans and health systems streamline prior authorization and utilization management
Watch the TEDx talk by CEO Amber Nigam to learn how is building the future of healthcare
AI Co-pilot for Healthcare:
Assisting with Prior Authorization and Utilization Management

For Payers

  • Reduced administrative burden

  • Frictionless provider relationships

  • Better cost with clinically appropriate​ guidelines

For Providers

  • Reduced operational burden

  • Automated prior auth

  • Bringing more transparency to the health plan policies

Basys - Into the Future of
Prior Authorization

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

At Basys, we're pioneers in prior authorization transformation. We use the FHIR standard to process requests, ensuring rapid, standardized data connections and real-time processing. Plus, we handle HIPAA requirements effortlessly through the X12 standard during data exchange. Experience hassle-free prior authorization with us.

Substitutable Medical Applications and Reusable Technologies (on FHIR)

Basys leads the way in prior authorization transformation. We use SMART on FHIR to ensure safe access to clinical data across portals and EHRs. Our SMART applications enhance FHIR services while maintaining top-notch security through Identity and Access Management. Experience secure, streamlined prior authorizations with us.

Da Vinci Protocol

At Basys, we follow the Da Vinci Protocol, powered by the FHIR standard, to structure, transfer, and process healthcare data. This ensures consistency and interoperability, enabling us to maintain a standardized code system for utmost accuracy and efficiency in our model. Join us for a streamlined future in healthcare.

Generative AI

Basys' proprietary algorithm uses generative AI to encode payer policies and guidelines. Our engine has been pre-trained on over 10 million medical and claims records. This infrastructure allows basys to automatically match request with policies’ requirement, reducing the administrative burden on payers while maintaining high accuracy.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

By employing the state-of-the-art large language models, Basys translates unstructured texts in medical notes into structured information, and cross-checks against the policy requirement automatically. This accelerates the request processing time significantly. 

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Enterprise Ready
AI Co-Pilot

Leading the charge in prior authorization innovation

Revolutionizing healthcare with our advanced prior authorization platform.

Industry Standard efficient and precise AI model

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