Ethical AI

Your personal health data should belong to you. While we will build algorithms to improve care for millions of patients including you, we will make sure that:

  • We follow responsible and professional codes to guide the data collection process

  • Your data are de-identified before aggregation. They remain private and secure, and will not be shared without your approval

  • We address racial and income disparities in our algorithms to reduce bias

Man Doing Blood Test


Diabetes is a lifelong condition. It is very important for diabetes to be diagnosed as early as possible because it will get progressively worse if left untreated.
Diabetic patients need to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and carry out regular blood tests. This can be a major lifestyle change to most people. We understand your struggle. 
Our system will help patients better keep track of their blood glucose level, activities, and diet among other markers. We facilitate communications between patients and doctors and make the diabetes management easy for both parties.

Blood Test

Patient Outcomes

The north star for any healthcare organization should be the patient outcomes. It is equally important that the patients find their experience in healthcare facilities as comfortable as possible. We help organizations optimize their patient outcomes and provide data points on their current practices to improve patient journeys.

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Electronic Health Records (EHRs) help in not only journaling patient journies but also help in deriving meaningful patterns from them to learn about effective drugs and medications, identifying biases, and signaling harmful clinical practices. Besides, it is extremely critical that journaling is carried out in a careful and meticulous way. The data that is recorded now will be a basis for deciding on what works or does not. We realize how critical it is and take it very seriously.